In this podcast David is talking with Michelle Drake about research she conducted looking at the links between employee retention and job satisfaction. For full notes, references etc. go to: 

In this episode, David talks with Scott Hunter about his leadership influence model. The model, full notes, links and transcript are here:

In this really interesting episode David talks with Jo Franco-Wheeler who is the Director of Organisational Development and Diversity at Inmarsat about the issues high tech organisations are facing especially around the organisational development and inclusion areas. For full notes, transcript and more go to:

Frames and framing are critical to how we see thing, think and act. In this interview, David talks with the authors of a new book Framers: Human Advantage in an Age of Technology and Turmoil - Kenneth Cukier, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Francis de Véricourt. For the full episode notes, links, transcript and more go to:

In this Episode David talks with Professor Adrian Furnham, professor of Psychology at UCL in the UK and the Norwegian Business School in Oslo about his recent research looking at Dark Triad traits in coaches. For the full episode notes, links and more go to:

In this episode, David talks with the author James Wetrich about his latest book Stifled: Where good leaders go wrong.

For full information, the show notes and more go to:

Coaching in a digital world brings new challenges to coaches, their clients and organisations. In this episode David talks with Sam Isaacson about How to Thrive as a Coach in a Digital World. For the full show notes, links and transcript go to

In this episode, David talks with Professor Olivier Sibony, co-author of the book Noise: A flaw in human judgement. For all the links, transcript and more go to:


Developing teams and team performance with George Karseras author of the new book Build Better Teams: Creating Winning Teams in the Digital Age.


For full notes and links go to:

In this episode the author of the book 'The Hidden Edge: Why mental fitness is the only advantage that matters in business' talks with David about mental fitness, what it is, how it is development and why it is so important. For more including a full profile, links to the book, a transcript and more go to

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