In this podcast, David talks with Jan Laser, a HR professional who publishes academic research papers, and has recently published an interesting paper about ambidextrous leadership. For full notes, links and more go to: 

In this episode, David talks with Melanie Marshall about what it takes to create a successful digital transformation project. For full notes and more go to: 

In this episode, David talks with Melanie Marshall look at some recent research that has found that four factors, digitisation, sustainability, democratic leadership, and design thinking, significantly impact organisational change. For the full notes, transcript, reference and more go to:

In this episode, David and guest, transformation consultant Melanie Marshall examine some of the research looking at issues around the role of uncertainty and leadership during digital transformation projects. For a full transcript and more, go to:

In this episode, Melanie Marshall, Transformation Consultant, shares her experience of helping organisations with digital transformation projects. For full notes, details of Melanie, the transcript etc. go to:

In this, the third episode in the digital transformation mini series, David and Melanie look at what the research and practice says about the factors for successful digital transformation. For full notes and more go to:

In this episode in the 7 part mini series, David talks with consultant Melanie Marshall about the connection between her Trust for Transformation Model and digital transformation. Forr the full show notes and more go to: 

In this podcast, the first in a series of seven podcasts about digital transformation, David talks with Melanie Marshall, a digital transformation and change consultant. For the full show notes go to:

In this podcast David is talking with Michelle Drake about research she conducted looking at the links between employee retention and job satisfaction. For full notes, references etc. go to: Https://

In this episode, David talks with Scott Hunter about his leadership influence model. The model, full notes, links and transcript are here:

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