April 28, 2020

Evidence-based Organisational Change

Evidence-based organisational change

Keywords: evidence-based practice, organisational change, change, evidence- based organisational change, evidence, evidence quality

Organisational change is a continually 'hot topic' within both the organisational and research communities with very good reason, as the rate of the pace of change increases year-on-year (currently estimated to be approximately 9% change increase year-on-year). And this is just in terms of new knowledge, scientific discoveries and technological advancements. Added to this, there is an almost measurable amount of social, political and market change ongoing at any particular time. At the time of writing the Covid_19 pandemic is creating unprecedented organisational and social change around the world.

But how much evidence is there for many of the ideas, methods, techniques, and tools that organisations, consultants and organisational change professionals use? Find out what the research says...

For references, video etc See https://www.oxford-review.com/evidence-based-practice-essential-guide/the-essential-guide-to-evidence-based-organisational-change/ 

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